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To create added value by identifying innovative and sustainable solutions to improve customer’s performance, to develop and delivery custom applications, to be #YOURPARTNERININNOVATION

Supporting the aerospace companies for the industrial innovation

DeAMS is the joint-venture between Deagle and Industry AMS with the aim to support the aerospace companies for the industrial innovation.


Our Capabilities include engineering, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, automation and robotics.


Concept, design, industrial engineering

& Robotics

Technical specification, high performance, lean solution

Industrial Innovation

Agile organization, competitiveness, cost reduction

Artificial Intelligence​

Business Strategies, Supply Chain & logistics Management, responsive machines


Technological solution to identify and validate new aircraft fuselage inspection procedures based on image processing through artificial intelligence.

It’s a solution based on virtual, augmented and mixed reality, able to model highly interdependent multidimensional systems so as to have a near-real-time monitoring.

Automation in Aerospace can speed up all company processes, improving accuracy and repeatability

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